Why People Fail is one of the first books to study in depth the causes of failure.

In a world full of success books, too little time has been spent looking at it’s opposite.

Yet for most ambitious people, failure is their constant companion.

As we push ourselves hard to achieve great goals, it’s inevitable that we must come up against potential failure often.

Indeed, it is usually only after repeated failures that humans achieve anything substantial.

Up until now, society has been scared of failure, and most of us are guilty of hiding our failures, avoiding analyzing them and even talking about them to our friends and colleagues. In a world that worships success, being seen to have failed is the ultimate taboo.


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what’s needed, Siimon Reynolds believes, is a revolution in how we view failure.

Not only must we accept is as a natural and even inevitable stepping stone to success, we

must actually become students of failure – how to detect it in it’s early stages and how to overcome it.

Only then can we be confident that we will consistently be successful.

In this important book, Reynolds shows that there are 16 primary causes of failure:

  • Unclear purpose
  • Destructive thinking
  • Low productivity
  • Fixed mindset
  • Weak energy
  • Not asking the right questions
  • Poor presentation skill
  • Mistaking IQ for EQ
  • Poor self image
  • Not enough thinking
  • No daily rituals
  • Stress
  • Few relationships
  • Lack of persistence
  • Money obsession
  • Not focusing on strength

After showing how they deeply affect our level of success in life, Reynolds then provides powerful techniques to overcome them and create high levels of achievement and happiness in our lives.

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